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How Snacky Box Was Born

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At Snacky Box, Snacks our mission is to deliver a unique collection of items to each customer’s home, every single month - which is why we have a dedicated team of professionals who pick out quality items to include in each box.

Our company was born from a desire to give people true joy in a package of surprises, delivered straight to their doorstep. We figured out how to take advantage of technology in order to turn that great feeling into a company. Subscribe now to start receiving this joy right away.


The Process

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We believe that great products shouldn’t be hard to find. At Snacky Box, we’ve searched far and wide for fabulous products, all at affordable prices. Simply pick the plan that works best for you, and you’re all set. Keep browsing our site for more information, and make sure to check out our plans to see what we’re currently offering.


Our Plans

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All plans come with FREE shipping!

      $18.49/month for each                         subsequent box

        $24.95/month for each                                   subsequent box.

          $22.95/month for each                                  subsequent box.

***Please note by purchasing a subscription, you agree to the following:***

 All subscriptions automatically renew monthly at regular posted prices (found on unless otherwise stated. Prices subject to change without notice Payments are processed on the 24th of every month unless subscription is cancelled. Payments cannot be refunded once processed. Subscriptions can be cancelled anytime before the payment processing date (24th of every month) by contacting us using the "Contact" form found on .

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