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You've officially joined the Snacky evaluation! You are now on your way to receiving delicious and nutritious snacks, drinks, and deserts. Also, a quick tip - Don't forget to savor every bite of our snacks. Your first box should arrive within 2 weeks. Your subsequent boxes will be delivered monthly sometime near the beginning or end of each month, 


     Oh, we almost forgot to tell you about something. We pride ourselves on being good stewards to the environment and that is why we reuse some shipping packages. For this reason don't be surprised if your Snacky Box subscription comes in an Amazon, Walmart or any other company's package. We do this because the more we reuse, the less our impact on the environment. Additionally, since we reuse shipping packages, the snacks, beverages, and/or deserts in your package may not always be organised well since we have to occasionally reuse packages that are not ideal for the organisation of our snacks, beverages, and/or deserts. 

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