Vitafusion MultiVites Vitamin Gummies (150 ct.)

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Vitafusion MultiVites Vitamin Gummies (150 ct.)

To help out during this incredibly unprecedented time, we are offering essentials like vitamins and hand sanitizers in addition to our delicious line of snacks. Though we ask that you only buy what you need, we are running a special promotion when you buy 2 - if you buy 2 or more, you'll receive a special Snacky Bonus (or two). However, we ask that you don't buy more than 2 unless you really need more than 2. Description on gummies is below. Gummies are for both adult males and females - not for children.


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Vitafusion MultiVites

Vitafusion MultiVites is a supercharged, complete multivitamin that fuses massive fruit flavors with a bajillion essential vitamins and minerals. In fact, each serving provides as much vitamin A as one cup of broccoli and as much vitamin D as 5 oz. of salmon. It’s a tasty way to support everyday nutrition!

A Better Way to Vitamin!

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